Using rclone on EC2 instance to copy from a FTP site


Dear all,

I have used rclone in the past to copy > 1TB of data from this ftp site, and I have connected to it from WinSCP so I know it is still up. When I used rlcone in by Ubuntu AWS EC2 instance, I am able to configure a remote, but when I use rclone lsd remote:, I get the error 2019/05/10 01:32:51 Failed to create file system for "remote:": couldn't connect ssh: ssh: must specify HostKeyCallback

Do I need to do any more config to get this to work?

Alternatively, can I use rclone to get data from a gdrive on the said instance? If yes, how would that work?

Chintan Pathak


I presume you are configuring an SFTP backend?

I suspect you are using an old version of rclone. Can you try the latest release?