Using RCLONE locally on QNAP NAS

QNAP has provided its own 16GB free cloud.
Can be mounted to QNAP NAS as a local disk but only by authenticating using their Hybrid Mount application.
The problem is that there are big problems with RSYNC in this case (it will take a long time to describe why).
Can I use RCLONE to synchronize data from a native QNAP partition to an already mounted cloud drive?

If you can use rsync then probably you can use rclone as well... Have you tried?

Hmmm... Could You be so kind to give me sample of syntax how to sync local dir with "de facto" another local dir (that is mounted QNAP cloud share as a filesys).
I dont know how to do it...

It is as simple as (no config file needed):

rclone sync /path/to/source/dir /path/to/destination/dir

maybe first time run it with --dry-run flag to make sure that it does what you want.

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dry-run does not show any errors.
But "normal" rclone execution in verbose mode shows that some files were transferred correctly but some not.
It looks like RCLONE try to rename sometimes several files in one step:

2023/12/27 02:07:40 INFO  : data/appdata_oc8pmunmkusi/theming/global/0/icon-core-#6a2af4filetypes_application-pdf.svg: Copied (new)
2023/12/27 02:07:41 ERROR : data/appdata_oc8pmunmkusi/theming/global/0/icon-core-#6a2af4filetypes_folder-shared.svg.yotocoh0.partial: partial file rename failed: rename /share/external/.cm/0/1344d097f-4b77-483b-8d2f-34bcf4228353/data/appdata_oc8pmunmkusi/theming/global/0/icon-core-#6a2af4filetypes_folder-shared.svg.yotocoh0.partial /share/external/.cm/0/1344d097f-4b77-483b-8d2f-34bcf4228353/data/appdata_oc8pmunmkusi/theming/global/0/icon-core-#6a2af4filetypes_folder-shared.svg: no such file or directory

Is any possibility to force rename transferred files one-by-one?
Or You think that another problem occurs ?

Try to add --inplace flag to your command.

To limit (maybe this cloud does not handle it well) parallel processing add --transfers 1 --checkers 1

Difficult to guess what are limitations of this QNAP cloud. You mentioned that there are issues with rsync as well - you could get maybe some meaningful advice on QNAP forums.

If it does not help please post full debug log (add -vv flag) - to limit its size only sync some problematic subfolder.

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OK, THX --inplace resolved the problem

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