Using rclone for cloud backup of large numbers of files?

I’ve been using rsync to backup my vbulletin website to a local file storage at home. There’s about 85 gigabytes of data, and it’s all spread out over about 100,000 plus files (an art website). I like rsync because it’s quick and only deals with files that have changed or been added from the source since last backup was run. Which can take minutes, even though the folder structure is quite complex. I tried to use cloud solutions a while back, but every method I tried would take forever because it had to physically check each file. Does rclone compare the same way rsync does or will I still have to deal with the “touch every file” method that other cloud based rsync clones use?

Also, has anyone verified whether or not rclone will work with Dreamhost’s DreamObjects storage?

It can compare the dates the same way rsync does depending on that storage provider.