Using rclone cache with unionfs?

Im having an issue using rclone cache in conjunction with unionfs. When I add files outside the cache, they do not show up immediately. I suspect that is the nature of cache but plexdrive was able to pick up on my files the moment I added them, why cant cache?

Is there any way to work around this?

What version are you running? There was an issue with the new files not getting detected properly but looks to be fixed in the most recent beta version (rclone-v1.40-031-ge42cee5e). Try that one and see if problem is still there.

“rclone --version” reports I’m using version 1.40. I imagine im on the stable branch. Do I need to switch to the beta?

1.40 stable has the bug of updates not getting propogated to the cache. The fix is in the new beta just rolled out this morning and t in my initial testing this morning looks to be working much better. You can read some on it in Cache polling not working and Google Drive change polling and cache invalidation.

So yes if you want to remove the behavior you are seeing you will either need to move to beta or wait for the next stable release. .

Thank you! I’m testing it now. How convenient for me that it just came out! :slight_smile:

Yes it seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks again!

It almost feels like a big enough bug being squashed to warrant a 1.40.1 hotfix stable release (if only for that commit rather than all since 1.40)

Yeah. I suspect this isn’t going to be the last post we see on here about this issue since a lot of people are probably going to think (like I did initially) that there is a problem with their config/setup.