Using rclone between two remotes

Dear all,

Sorry if my question is repeated, I could not find an answer on the web or in the forum.

I am trying to use rclone to copy contents between two remotes (Google Drive and Box, specifically). I know the command to use is as follows,

rclone copy remote1:sourcepath remote2:destpath

My question is this; what resources on my local machine rclone uses to achieve the above? More specifically, does it essentially download everything to my local machine and upload it again? Or does it use my local machine RAM?

Thanks a lot

Nothing is downloaded as the copy happens all in memory over the network. If you are copying from one provider to another, it would be limited by your hardware/network speed.

There are some benefits to going GD to GD as it does server side copies, but there are limits on the daily transfers.

Thank you for your response.
A follow-up question, will be possible to copy about 200Gb from GD to box using a typical laptop? I concern at some point my laptop memory fails the transfer, is it a valid concern?


Yes, I wouldn’t have much concern as that should be fine.

@Animosity022 Great, thank you.