Using Powershell to Create Client ID for OneDrive Business

Would anyone be able to help me construct a powershell command to register rclone as a single tenant application? I'd like to follow the steps found here: ,but

I don't have access to the Web Interface, I do have command line access. I haven't done much work with az commands, so I'm looking for some ELI5. I'm hoping its just a single command line I can run and not this huge azure powershell script that requires programming knowledge to understand.

I'm looking at the az new-azureadapplication documentation, but I'm having trouble understanding how to translate what the rclone howto (for gui) needs to be implemented based on the options I see available.

hello and welcome to the forum,

I don't have access to the Web Interface, I do have command line access
can use remote setup -

  1. run rclone config on any machine with a web browser.
  2. copy the rclone.conf config file from that machine to any other machine.
    to find the rclone.conf, run rclone config file

i can walk you thru that......

Hi, thanks for the reply! I'm actually looking for help on the Azure side, generating a new Client ID for use with Rclone.
I'm looking for help setting up the "az new-azureadapplication" command. The rclone setup itself, i'm good on :slight_smile:

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