Using onedrive on ubunto 18.04 the same as its usage in windows 10

Hi. I'm new to Linux OS and I was a user of Windows before.
In Windows 10, I created an OneDrive account to save my important files on it.

OneDrive works with bellow features on Windows:
1- It is shown as a folder or a drive to me. I could write, edit and read files on/from it.
2- When it was offline, it allows me to write a file on it. It uploads that file as soon as I was connected to the net.
3- When it was offline, I could read and edit files that I opened before. When I changed them it uploads these files as soon as the internet was connected.
4- No files were downloaded unless you open them.
5- If I changed a file or upload a file from another system, it syncs that file to my system automatically and with an acceptable speed.
6- It let me share some of my files with other users of OneDrive.

These features helped me to save all of my works directly on the cloud space, i.e. the usage of OneDrive was far more than a backup space, it was like a removable disk carried on with the Internet.

Now, I tried many applications on Linux to create these features. So far no good. I'm almost believing that the cloud space usage for Linux is just a backup space.
I tried RCLONE too. It seems more helpful, however, I couldn't apply all these features.

Please note that the internet price here is high, my laptop hard disk is limited and also, I don't need all the files, but I might need them some time.

Please, let me know if these features are available for ubuntu 18.04 and if they are, let me know how to set them up.

hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone cannot do 2 and 3.

rclone mount, can do most of what you need.

Thank you very much.

if you try rclone mount, you can post any questions or problems you might have.

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