Using multiple Gmail drives as one


Is it possible to have for example 3 fresh gmail drives, and for example "Rclone sync" use the total space available (45gb 15+15+15) ? Like a "Raid 0"?

Not at the moment... There are plans afoot to make the union backend work so that you could make it like a RAID 1. If you manually split the files you could use the union backend to join them back together.

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Like Nick says, but you can kind of do it already - except it is impractical.
You can already use existing Union functionality to glue together several sources (even if they are wildly different) and read them all as one.

The main problem is that Union currently performs all writes (including moves, copies and uploads) to only 1 source in the set. Therefore it is really only useful as a read-only drive currently. You can bypass the upload limitations somewhat by having a custom script that does the uploading for you and splits the data appropriately, but you still effectively need a non-union remote for each source to perform any moves or deletes so yea... it's not exactly practical for most uses.

The good news is that there are plans to correct this and allow each remote in the set to have more granular settings - like deletes and moves passing though to affect all of them. Unless you just want data to be mirrored you will still probably need an upload script and a scheme for divvying up the data as this may not be a trivial thing to integrate into union itself. Feel free to PM me on that and I will share some ideas when the Union improvements become available :slight_smile:

PS: Let me know when you feel it's time to look at that issue @ncw and I'd be very glad to assist closely in that process with testing, bouncing ideas on implementation ect.

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