Using MFA with Onedrive on Ubuntu - App password?

Hello Team,
I have been using rclone on ubuntu for approximately two years with no issues at all - works perfectly.
I use it to sync to a personal onedrive via a personal o365 subscription.
I have tried to turn on MFA in the o365 portal which breaks the connection to Onedrive in ubuntu.
I see that is it possible in the o365 personal portal to obtain an app password such as "xxxxxxxx"

When entering rclone config - I cannot see anywhere where to enter the app password in the configuration.
I see that there are options for Oauth - but this is not Oauth.

If I turn MFA off in o365 and recreate the rclone profile from scratch - I can connect to onedrive as it was before.

This is a personal o365 subscription not o365 for business, if anyone has accomplished this or has any ideas, I'd love to know.
I cannot find the answer anywhere so am assuming that this can't yet be done?

Thanks in advance for any help....!

Hi Mathew,

I guess you can just enter the app password as a normal password, but recommend you use MFA and OAuth.

Sounds like you may have a (remote) machine without a web browser and therefore need to use one of the OAuth approaches listed in this guide:

I find it simplest to setup the remote on a machine with a web browser and the copy then config (with the OAuth token) to the remote machine, that is this option:

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