Using `config create` to set random secure password

I am using the following to create my config:

rclone config create encrypted_storage crypt remote=storage password= --non-interactive --obscure

It generates a random password which is what I wanted (or at least I hope it is, and not just encrypting ' '?), but I am wondering if this is the correct way to do this? I didn't want to encounter a change in the future where this might create an empty password.

Ideally I would also like to be able to specify the password strength in bits through this command, can that be configured too?

Actually it is generating an empty password which looks like something when obscured :frowning:

I think you'll need to create a random password and pass it in.

Under linux you could do

rclone config create encrypted_storage crypt remote=storage password=$(dd if=/dev/random bs=1 count=16 | base64) --non-interactive --obscure

For a 8*16 = 128 bit password. This is essentially what rclone does when generating random passwords.

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Thanks, that's a good way around it. In fact, I will be using GoLang so I will try and find the code in the repo that creates the random password and replicate that to then insert in to the command.

Edit: That may be a bit confusing a use case. I am trying to rebuild it so that it only executes one command immediately when it starts, rather than use passed args. Doesn't seem so easy to do because the functions of the imported GoLang components of Rclone can't be called directly, so I'm replacing the os.args with my pre-set versions. In those pre-set versions I will add the random generated password as a password by duplicating the same GoLang code that Rclone uses for generating random passwords.

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