Using clone+crypt with mergerfs


I just wanted to check if the bellow is possible. I currently have an unencrypted google drive with 80tb used. I’m trying to move away from unencrypted and trying to slowly move my files to another folder on that drive but this time by using crypt.

As this will take a huge amount of time I was wondering if it’s possible to use mergerfs and merge 3 locations instead of 2? I currently have my local and rclone storage merged but as I gradually move to crypt it would be easier to just merge that as well having in mind I use the same structure.

Thanks in advance.

I have multiple rclone mounts as well as local folders combined with mergerfs . In my case read only , which runs smoothly

I'm not sure how to mount both drive and crypt in the same folder. This is my current mergerfs .mount setup.

So my setup is:
/gdrive - my unencrypted rclone
/gcrypt - my encrypted rclone
/gmedia - combination of gdrive and local storage

How can I include the gcrypt folder in the same setup as above, so all 3 are in the same path?

    Description = /home/user/Downloads/gmedia MergerFS mount

    What = /home/user/Downloads:/home/user/Downloads/gdrive/All
    Where = /home/user/Downloads/gmedia
    Type = fuse.mergerfs
    Options = async_read=false,use_ino,defaults,allow_other,auto_cache,func.getattr=newest,category.action=all,category.create=ff
    #ExecStop =/home/user/Downloads/All


You could also use rclone's union to do this while you transfer files.

That's actually really good, thanks. Will try that are report back.

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