Using Blomp with Rclone Union Backend

Using a encrypted drive which uploads the data to the Union drive
type = crypt
remote = uBlomp:/
filename_encryption = standard
directory_name_encryption = true

The rclone config contents with secrets removed.

type = swift
env_auth = false
user = @@@@@@@
key = @@@@@@
auth =
tenant = storage
auth_version = 2
endpoint_type = public

two blomp storage i have added in union

type = union
upstreams = Blomp:@@@@@/ Blomp1:@@@@@@/
action_policy = lno
create_policy = lno
search_policy = lno

A log from the command with the -vv flag

Paste  log here

Getting new user can post only two links....not sure what it is. Iam not sure whether description is added properly not, below is the issue description

The issue is getting below notice when using Rclone union backend with Blomp storage(Swift)
NOTICE: Number of Objects is not supported for upstream Blomp, treating as 0

Only first Remote is considered and not uploading to second or third remote

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Have you read the description about required quota fields in the union docs?

I have no experience with swift, but seems it does not support the object count feature. You can check that with command rclone about Blomp: and see if it returns the Objects field or not. If not, you should choose a different union policy than lno.

Hi albertony...thanks for the reply....
looks like rclone about is not working for swift type or Blomp cloud storage, below is the error i get
rclone about Blomp:@@@@@/
2021/04/14 18:36:25 Failed to about: About call failed: container listing failed: Operation forbidden

Should be rclone about Blomp: (nothing else)

tried that also but same result

rclone about Blomp:
2021/04/14 18:46:44 Failed to about: About call failed: container listing failed: Operation forbidden

tried with different policies. But either it is taking object as 0 or size as infinite

Is there any other suggestion or config i need to do ...can some one help in fixing this

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