Using another user's permissions on Google Drive shared folder

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I am trying to run a Node script that removes duplicate folders from my company's Google Drive. Note: I'm not doing an actual reclone dedupe, this is a custom thing to remove folders with names like "Folder (2)" or "Folder (2) (2)".

Everything works perfectly until I try to use fs.unlink or the rimraf library to remove the folders when I'm done -- I get an I/O error. Looking through Github I see this is probably because the company GDrive is shared with me and I didn't create these files.

Now, normally I'd just use a service account and all would be well... except that our GDrive is really our boss's personal account, not a GSuite account.

So basically, I need my boss to be able to go through the oAuth rigamarole and then send me his key or whatever it is, so that I can mount the drive as him.

Is there a way to do this manually?

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rclone can only access what it has permission to, no --magic flag to work around that.
if you do not have permisison, then your boss will have do create the config file.

tho we have gdrive experts and perhaps there is an easier way to get that done.

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No, I know that. I just want a way for him to authorize it but send me the credentials to run it. Just having him create a client ID won't work, because it'll still need his authorization to use his account.

after he has authorized it, he can send you the rclone config file.

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