Using a Raspberry Pi 4 for Plex libraries on Google Drive through Rclone

I'd like to use a RP4 as a movie file grabber for my plex server. All my files are stored on google drive, so I'd just like to install Rclone on my RP4, and connect it as network storage for Plex. I don't have a very technical understanding of how Rclone works, so I was wondering if I need to have enough harddrive space to store large files (60gb+) when Plex is downloading them. Will I be okay with this use case if I only have the default 32gb of harddrive space? Thanks!

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rclone will be streaming the media files from gdrive.
rclone will not be downloading, no hard drive space will be required.
if you use a rclone cache, then a small amount of hard drive space would be used.

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