Using a Digital Ocean droplet (or other VPS) to mirror Gdrive to Backblaze b2


For my small business I’m using Google Drive. And I was thinking about using a DigitalOcean Droplet (or other VPS) to mirror my Google Drive to to Backblaze B2. (so that it my Gdrive gets backed up to Backblaze)

Would this be possible? (if so, some help please?)

thank you in advance!

Absolutely possible!

Here is an outline…

Do this on your home computer first

Now on the VPS you can do

  • rclone sync drive: b2:drive_backup

You’d want to put that on the crontab to run once per day or something like that, you’d probably sync it up by hand to start with as it might take longer than 24 hours.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the reply!
I do have a question though

  • How do I use an encrypted config file with cron?

If you have an encrypted config file, then you will need to set the RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS variable with the password in it in your crontab.

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Does the sync in the above example download the content to the VPS before pushing it to Backblaze?

The content is being streamed from one drive (eg download trough memory) to other drive so you dont need disk space if that was the question.

p.s. I suggest you check as for 3€ you get 200Mbit unmetered bandwith eg if worked with full speed all the time you would transfer 2TB in 24h.

@ajki how are you getting those speeds on scaleway? I’m using them and the speeds are horrible (3-5M)

Wondering what command you used, if you have one that speeds things up.

Im trying to migrate to amazon to avoid bans.

Are you using --transfers x in your copy command? Replace x with a number ie 25,50,100 etc…This will allow the copy command to use that many threads for concurrent files instead of the default of 4.

–transfers 25 will be moving 25 files at once.

I just copied 4TB from Amazon to gDrive for backup with --transfers 50 and was almost maxing my servers 1gbit connection.

I’m just using rclone sync to copy from Google Drive To ACD with ScaleWay VPS.
These are my settings:

rclone --verbose --transfers=20 --drive-chunk-size=32M --no-update-modtime --ignore-existing sync google:PATH amazon:PATH

And these are my stats:

So summarizing, i’m getting around 60 MBytes/s average copying between Drive and ACD.

Much better on Digital Ocean. I’m getting about 30-40MB.

I just hope they dont count the throughput. Everyone seems to say they don’t.

He is getting more check average rates, the min was 541 Mbit and thast 40MB+