User rate limit exceeded problem rclone telegram bot

Long story short. I am just trying create a bot in my vps that clone gdrive (shared/team drive) with high speed. The tutorial I am following (Rclone Telegram Mirror Leech Bot | Bot Hosted on Vps - YouTube). I have created and thoroughly followed all the details in the video. Although i created service account in google console it isn't being used at all. I get rate limited after cloning around 730GB and the bot is stopped after that.

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)

Google Drive.

Why I am here and what I am seeking for help?

I just need a clue as I am a newbie to figure out the problem. I need to know how can i use the service account to bypass the limit of 750GB/day. Though I've added the service account to my bot according to the tutorial why the SA(service accounts) not being used to bypass 750GB limit when cloning huge amount of data(20TB or more)? What is the point that i am missing ? Any good soul help will be appreciated.

You can't bypass the limit.

Closing out.