User Limit Exceeded on Gdrive

I am getting “User rate limit exceeded, userRateLimitExceeded” when uploading with rclone til google drive (unlimited g suite)

I have uploaded many TB of data without issues before and i am not doing anything different. Is just running a

reclone -v move local_source gd:

No encryption.

Google support says that i’am hitting a backend limit, but i don’t understand it. It may be related to specific files, but so my nest step is to debug-log to a file - when the ban is lifted.

I was using an older rclone.exe but the newest release is not doing any better. Any idea of what is wrong and how and i can solve it?

This is the same issue as is being discussed here I think:

yes, i think you are right.

I can see it stopped after 708.502 GBytes - so not even 1TB.