Use rclone mount to mount a fixed disk drive and open the folder slowly

Use rclone mount to mount a fixed disk drive,When a folder is opened, it will trigger the downloading of pictures, resulting in slow opening,please
1、Can I download pictures without triggering, similar to a network drives?
2、Whether webdav can distinguish between downloaded files and open folders, and return thumbnails for open folders?

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  1. rclone does not download files, something on your computer is doing that.
  2. what are open folders?

when you posted, there was a template of questions to answered.

I use commands:rclone.exe mount cloud:/ Z: --vfs-cache-mode full --config=C:\xxx\rclone.conf
After the mount is successful, open the Z disk folder (the folder contains a large number of pictures), triggering the picture download, resulting in a slow opening of the folder

rclone does not download files on its own, something else is doing that, perhaps windows explorer.

perhaps try --network-mode
tweak windows explorer behavior, as has been discussed in the forum.

fwiw, i gave up on windows explorer over a decade ago, been using open source double commander.
it runs on windows and linux.

might change the view mode with windows explorer.

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