Use RC to monitor what file rclone mount is pulling?

I use rclone mount of encrypted gdrive for plex on debian.

recently i noticed that even when there is no apparent activity in plex, rclone is pulling down at full speed, maxing out my bandwidth. (60mbps)

if i shutdown plex, then bandwidth usage stops.

can i use rc to find out what rclone is grabbing? i have looked at the docs for rc and cannot see anything that fits.


Somewhat depends on your OS.

You can use lsof on Linux.

If nothing is playing, it's most likely a scheduled task. I'd surmise with Intro skipping releasing, I'd bet it is that.

From the rc side, you can just do:

 rclone rc core/stats

as well.

Thanks, your suggestions do the trick. I wasn't aware of the new feature and it seems a likely culprit. Annoying that it doesn't respect the scheduled task time (should be 2-5am). I haven't disabled it though. I presume it will not need to download my entire library....

Maybe I should disable it?

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