Use RC to change tpslimit and tpslimit-burst of a mount

With the whole Google Drive exodus, I switched to my failover OneDrive for Business where I had backup of my data.

I've been playing close to a month with that sweet spot where the overjealous throttling of Microsoft does not impact me much, So far seems the super safe metric is --tpslimit 3 --tpslimit-burst 0. Yet since OneDrive does not support ListR, and having such a low tps, the "warmup" of the folder structure takes a long time when issuing a vfs/refresh command.

Ideally I would want to increase it when I'm actively working on the mount and can keep an eye on the logs to confirm no throttling is occuring, while keeping the conservative values when it's left unattended to minimize the risk of being throttled.

Is this possible? And if so what would the command be to send over RC?


options/get to get all available options and options/set to set an option you need to change

$ rclone rc options/get | grep TPSL
		"TPSLimit": 0,
		"TPSLimitBurst": 1,

Will it work without restarting mount? you have to test to be sure.

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