Use "ignored" instead of "excluded"

Today I was playing with filters and stumbled with an output like that:

2023-07-19 20:12:12 DEBUG : file1: Excluded
2023-07-19 20:12:12 DEBUG : file2: Excluded
2023-07-19 20:12:12 DEBUG : file3: Excluded

I almost crapped myself up thinking that rclone is deleting stuff here but actually all went alright but the language suggested otherwise. Maybe because "excluded" can be easily associated with "deleted" instead of "ignored".

My suggestion is to change this language to use a more suggestive word such as "ignored" instead of "excluded".

Not sure that would make sense to me anyway as ignored means you didn't process it at all.

If you exclude something via a filter, you've made a choice to remove it from your results.

People do script that type of thing so that type of change would have to be a real game changer to adjust something that's been around for awhile. Just my two cents.

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