Use hasher, compress and crypt with Google Drive?

I'm wondering what method should I use, as I remember Google Drive didn't support checksum (by the way this also applies for Proton Drive?) and I 100% want to use encryption, so should I do:

remote -> compress -> hasher -> crypt
remote -> hasher -> compress -> crypt

or neither?

Hash algorithms MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 are supported

The SHA1 hash algorithm is supported

Yeah, I'm misremembering, it is crypt the one that only supports size and modtime. Would using hasher on top of crypt work?

hasher -> crypt -> remote
is that what do you mean?

and what is the source, local or what?

yes, would that work? Checksuming the encrypted files

yes, local to GDrive

well, that is not what my example does.

local -> hasher -> crypt -> remote
is that what you mean?

I'm not sure that order would be correct, I mean, crypt is the one that doesn't support checksum, for that I was guessing I would have to use hasher after encryption (I'm not sure how all this works so I might be wrong). so it would be local -> crypt -> hasher -> remote? First encrypt, then hash and finally upload. But would this actually work? Like for change and rename tracking? If I want to use size + checksum

if i understand your setup, the hasher remote is computing the hash of the crypted file.
why do you need the hasher remote to calculate the hash of a crypted file, what will do you with that hash?

as we discussed, gdrive already computes the hash of the file.
rclone cryptcheck uses that hash.