Use a Tab delimited file to upload files to remote


I have a TSV file getting generated from another service which has a format like
Path\tName\tSize\... etc.
Currently Rclone takes the source directory and does its own scan (os walk). I want to use this report instead of scan and upload all the files/folders listed in the file to the remote.

How can I do that? I am open to make some changes in rclone code to do this. Any guidance would be appreciated.


You can use an include and have to setup it up a bit differently:

The copy command still takes the source path. So when I use --include-from flag, it will still scan the source path (walk the source path) to match the patterns.

What I want to do is to provide the absolute path of files and folders through a Flat file instead of providing patterns. The goal is to eliminate the folder walk happening in rclone at the time of copy/move.

That’s in the next section:

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