Uploading a lot of files to a huge directory

i'm trying to upload a lot of mp3 files from localdrive to gdrive. The destination has also a huge directory/a lot of files

rclone -v move mp3/ gdrive:mp3/2019/ --no-traverse --transfers 6 --buffer-size 256M --checksum --fast-list --size-only --drive-chunk-size=256M -P

but i'm getting an uploadspeed about 500 kb/s

Is there another solution to upload the files to gdrive? will be sync or copy faster?

You can only copy 2-3 files per second via Google Drive. You really can't do much about that.

Make sure you have your own key:


Can you run the copy with -vv and share the log? What version are you running?

Google drive really hates --no-traverse... It might be worth trying without.

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