Upload with versioning and rotation

I am using rclone to upload a backup archive (approx. 5gb), and it's working fine.

My archive is named "backup.tar.gz" (and I would like to keep my way of creating this archive), however, each upload will erase the previous one.

Is it possible to have some king of versioning (by naming for exemple) ? (not sur if it's something built in rclone)

Is it also possible to have some kind of rotation, in order to only keep, let say, the 5 last file uploaded remotely ?

Thanks in advance,

You'd have to write scripting around that as there isn't much native that handles that as rclone really isn't a backup tool in itself.

Alright, that what I was afraid of :slight_smile:

I can manage that, thanks for the quick answer !

You can do this with the --backup-dir directive or --suffix commands to keep the old "overwritten" versions.

If you wanted 7 backups you could do something like this

rclone sync /source remote:dest --backup-dir remote:backup/$(date +%a)

Which will give you one for each day of the week. Note the $(date +%a) is unix for the current day of the week - if you are using Windows then you'll need something different!

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