Upload to an OCH via FTP


I want to upload to some OCHs via new rclone FTP integration. But it won’t work, because the OCHs like oboom.com 1fichier.com and uptobox.com have some uncommon FTP realizations.
Normally, I can’t download from OCH-FTP’s. And upload mostly is without filesystem support - so all files from different folders will land in the same folder.

Error screen:

First I uploaded from G Drive to another G Drive. But same upload fails from G Drive to OCH uptobox

Hope you can help

Do you know what the FTP server is?

Are you talking about anonymous FTP uploads?

What is an OCH?

from uptobox it’s ftp.uptobox.com

But on OCHs there isn’t an anonymous upload possible, normally.

OCH is the common abbreviation for “One-click-hoster” or Sharehoster or Filehoster