Upload to ACD and deleting local files

Hi Everyone,

Ubuntu Server 16.04
Rclone v1.35-33-g47ebd07β

I’m looking for the best way to handle my upload to ACD while keeping local files deleted after upload.
Everyday my script starts once to upload to ACD:

“rclone copy /Source/TV/ acd:Data/TV && rm -Rf /Source/TV/*”

Unfortunately my uploadspeed sucks. So while i’m uploading, some new episodes gettin downloaded and put into /Source/TV

Because of the rm -Rf at the end of the upload, these new episodes gettin deleted too.

I tried it with “rclone move” but then the folder structure remains on the source (/Source/TV/The Blacklist/Season 4)

Do you guys have any recommendations? So i can simply upload and download new stuff and keeping the local Source empty after upload.

Thank you :slight_smile:


rclone move  /Source/TV/ acd:Data/TV

Should be equivalent to the above

Hi ncw,

not exactly, with copy, it will first copy everything and then it will delete everything (Wildcard). With the move command it will copy the first file and immmediately after uploading successfully, it will be removed localy. But somehow empty folders wont be removed (like the example above)


Then just run a find /path -d -empty -exec rmdir {} ; afterward to cleanup. or even rclone rmdirs /path

Yeah this would work for my series but not for my movies :frowning: there are always some leftovers (jpg, nfo, txt, …)

Thanks for your replys so far :slight_smile: