Upload Speed to Amazon Cloud?

Hi, just got Rclone and finally figured out how to get it working :blush: but I have a question about the upload speeds to Amazon Cloud Drive.

I made a Crypt remote and have just started to copy a small folder of pictures(6GB - 5,656 files - 17 Folders) to ACD, it’s been running for 40mins now but has only uploaded 800MB, the transfer speeds are all between 100&200 kBytes/s at this rate it will take about 4hrs30min to finish.

Is this right or am I doing something wrong?

My concern is I’m not and I have around 12TB of data to upload which will take me years :sweat:

Currently transferring files I have a gigabit connection… I’m currently getting:
Transferred: 15.528 GBytes (27.070 MBytes/s)

My experience is it does better on larger files then smaller ones.

My average upload speeds are between 40MB and 60MB. In case of uploading only one or two files it can drop to 20 to 30MB.

I suggest you try with this flags
-c --no-traverse --transfers=300 --checkers=300

I would love this Im not even get 1MB all I can seem to get is:
Transferred: 1.431 GBytes (378.694 kBytes/s)

doesn’t seem to go above 378.XXX

Ok that would make sense I guess since they were all picture files so there were a lot but small file size, thanks

Sorry still trying to get my head around using rclone, so I put that after the copy command something like this

rclone copy -c --no-traverse --transfers=300 --checkers=300 "C:\sourcepath" Crypt:\destinationpath

Also, off topic a little sorry. I noticed ACD has a “Sync Folder” that is saved on my local drive that is just a mirror of everything I upload but it’s taking up space and if I delete anything from it it just deletes it from ACD. Again I know it’s off topic a little and this is rclone forum not Amazon :innocent: If you can’t help it fine Google is my friend.

Ok sorry, again, ignore that, Can I still upload files if I uninstall the ACD desktop app?

You dont need ACD desktop app for rclone to work.

Can you explain what you try to accomplish is the plan to sync data eg to have it local and or cloud or to move it to cloud.

I have all my data on cloud and nothing locally so whenever new stuff is downloaded I use rclone move command.

Yeah I uninstalled it and uploaded a couple files, although ACD has left a folder that I cant get rid of because it doesn’t exists haha.

My goal is just to copy everything I have to ACD as a backup, only to be used in case of drive failure. I also want all my files to be encrypted, which is where rclone comes in.

My PC has next to no storage (a 120gb SSD and a 500GB HDD) all of my files are on external drives, I’m just getting a little worried about drive failure now since there are so many files that can be lost per drive. (I have 4x4TB and a couple old 1TB). I was considering building a NAS but ACD+rclone seemed like a much cheaper alternative :smile:

Cool then just keep using copy, btw did you try with above settings ( -c --no-traverse --transfers=300 --checkers=300 ) and how was the speed

Yes, tried uploading 4 .avi files around 2GB each, still only getting around 360 Kbytes/s, took too long so I gave up.
I also tried moving the files to my SSD and closing everything down I possibly could, incase something was interfering with the internet speed and didnt touch the computer whilst it was trying to upload, no change.

Is there maybe a problem on Amazon’s end?