Upload speed slower the more transfers I allow?

If I try to upload with --transfers 10 I get an average of 30MBps with a 1gbps line. If I do default which is 4 I get 45MBps. At 1 transfer it does 75MBps. I guess I could set my script to allow only 1 transfer but I just thought it was odd. Is my hdd a bottleneck or something?

Is it an encrypted upload? If so, how many cores do you have?

What kind of hdd do you have? It might be spending a whole lot of time seeking between the files?

BTW are you on windows? I think this hurts windows users more than linux users?

Not sure what kind of hhd is it since this is on a dedi I rent but it’s definitely not an ssd. I’m running Ubuntu 16.04. Files are not encrypted. Cpu is dual x5650s

Try increasing --buffer-size and see if that helps.