Upload Gdrive to Mixdrop -Generate download link from Gdrive


i use Rclone to url copy file to Gdrive. it's perfect.

  • Is it possible to upload file from gdrive to hoster like Mixdrop ?
  • Is it possible to generate link url to directly download file from my gdrive ?


How do you normally upload things to Mixdrop?

You can do

rclone link gdrive:path/to/file.bin

I'm not sure that allows direct downloading though

thanks with rclone link gdrive:path/to/file.bin i can download file directly.

Do you know if it's possible to automatic generate all link of all the file in a folder and save then on a file ?

You can link to the folder...

Or alternatively write a bit of code like this (bash)

 for i in $(rclone lsf --files-only gdrive:path/to/dir); do rclone link gdrive:path/to/dir/$i ; done > file.txt
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Extra. thanks for this litlle code very useful

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