Upload failed: path/disallowed_name/ on Microsoft Office Files

I have problems uploading Office files, most files return with the following error "Upload failed: path / disallowed_name /". These files are always copied with temporary Office files. I am using Rclone copy.

You should provide an example (or preferably more) of the exact path and name of the files you are getting errors on.

Or better yet - use the flags:
To provide us with a debug log that records the event.

What backend are you using? (ie. what cloud service provider)

Hi @thestigma , I use Dropbox to make backups.

Here are two error examples of Rclone log.

DEBUG : FINANCEIRO NACIONAL/EXTRATO MODELOS 2019/THAIS ROMAO 15-10-2019.pdf: Received error: upload failed: too_many_write_operations/.. - low level retry 1/10

ERROR: JOY INTERNACIONAL DRIVE - KAREN/INVOICES_/2015/~$0 2016.docx: Failed to copy: upload failed: path/disallowed_name/...

Most error files contain a "~ $" as a temporary file, but the original file is not written that way.

that file is a temporary file created by microsoft word and contains the characters ~$

Dropbox won’t sync temporary files on any OS.
Filename begins with ~$ (a tilde and dollar sign) or .~ (a period and tilde)
Filename begins with a tilde and ends with .tmp like **~test.tmp

please read the following to filter out those files.

Yea, that's along the lines that I was expecting. Thanks asdffdsa for providing the reference quote.

So TLDR: You can probably just ignore this - unless you actually need to backup such temporary files. I don't see many usecases for that. The "real" file will have a normal name and will be transfered. I think these are mostly there to act as emergency backups in case you have a crash before you properly save ect.

To be clear, this is a limitation of Dropbox, not of rclone.

As for this one, this looks very similar to what you might see on the Gdrive pacer. As you see it says "low level retry 1/10" at the end. That just means rclone tried to do a bit too many operations to fast and got told by the server to slow down. Rclone will just wait slightly then re-send the request.

Perfectly normal to see some 1/10 low, level retries. Some 2/10 also. If it actually fails on all 10 tries that should normally never happen - and it will throw a high-level error that you don't need DEBUG output to see.

It would be worth trying the latest beta which should fix this issue.

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