Upload 2 unrelated directories in one line/command

I have 2 directories i want to upload, so i do 2 screen sessions…
screen -S rclone-1 is rclone --stats-one-line -P copy /Volumes/Data/upload/ drive:
screen -S rclone-2 is rclone --stats-one-line -P copy /Users/danny/Desktop/upload/ drive:
Can i do both these in one screen session/command?

What’s the reason for screen?

You could open one screen session and hit CTRL-A CTRL-C to make a new window and put the first command in the original window and the second command in the new window.

You can do it something like this

Make a file called “include.txt” and put in it



rclone --stats-one-line -P copy /  drive: --include-from include.txt

Note that won’t store the files in the same location - it will store them in in “drive:Volumes/Data/upload” and “drive:Users/danny/upload” so may not be exactly what you want.

If you want them in the same place, then you’ll have to run two commands.

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thanks so much
i see
yes, this wont work
i need then in the root of google drive

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