Updated modification time in destination

I see this a lot, even tried --modify-window 3600s but still it's there.
When I restart my sync, files are getting this over and over again :frowning:

Just tried 36000s and 360000s, but still the same

when you posted, there was a template of questions, please answer them all.
the answers help us to help you.

done, made a new issue to know what these question s were, so this one can be deleted (but I can't do that myself)

--refresh-times might help u

Thanks for trying to help
--refresh-times will force to update the date/time right?
and I just copied a lot of files (so the date/times must be ok after a copy) and when I rerun, I still get those messages so this is probably not what I need

next time fill up those template so everyone dont waste time asking what u want bla bla. u dont clearly state what your problem

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