Update Create failed: sftp: "Bad message"

Is this to be concerned about? It looks like the sync operation completed besides deletions:


Hello @Jkankowski,

I’ve seen similar messages here too. On my part, they seem to be harmless (a perfunctory exam of the transferred data seems to indicate it’s both complete and uncorrupted) and transient (repeating the exact same rclone copy right afterwards returns no errors).

That said, I haven’t done an extensive investigation (all the data I transfer via SFTP is non-critical), and I’d like to hear an “official position” from @ncw or anyone else who had the opportunity to investigate it further.

– Durval.

I don’t know what the SH_FX_BAD_MESSAGE means… Probably some networking issue!

Did a retry clear it up?

rclone is very unlikely to have corrupted anything because of it.

Do you see that message a lot? If so can you post the logs where it happens with -vv?