Update changes made on google drive to rclone folder

I am using the latest version of rclone on a raspberry pi 4 b with the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS to sync a google drive to a folder on my desktop.

Whenever I delete a file or add a file on the raspberry pi, the effect will take place on google drive.

However, whenever I add a file or remove a file on google drive, this doesn't change anything in the folder on the raspberry pi.

I used the command:
rclone sync remote:DESTINATION
to try and sync them again but this won't update any changes made on google drive.

How can I make it so any updates made on google drive also update the folder on my raspberry pi?


sync works in one direction.

when you posted, there was a template of questions....

Is there a way to make sync work in two directions? Is rclone supposed to be able to sync google drive to my raspberry pi?

rclone can sync from any source to any dest, local or cloud.

Sorry I figured that the template was optional and that my question wasn't related to the template. Guess I'll make a new post

The future is bright :sunny:

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