"Unlimited" alternatives to Google Drive, what are the options?

I'm struggling to get a grasp on the procedure though, because he stated that he had 335TB of storage, but then it went down to 185TB? I'm a little bit confused about how this works.

I wonder if this trick works, or if the 5tb for archived users only applies to data on that user, thus requiring tons of union's, hmm.

Well since latest change of smallest plan every storage is pooled. However archived user are read only. So don't expect you can abuse it.
I am certain only the files on that particular user is covered.

Did google changed the upload limit from user to drive? Because i'm trying to use separate service account (under another user) and upload do not happens.

Yeah there is a drive limit too. Not exactly sure what that is and when or why it comes up on some accounts but not others.

You forgot that these limits weren't mentioned anywhere in any of their policies until AFTER most people commenting here had already uploaded TBs of data. Whatever your opinion might be, that's still not right by Box to change terms and impose new limitations that would've kept these people off their platform in the first place, and now they're essentially holding that data ransom.

And yes, they ARE holding that data ransom, regardless of what their "feature matrix" says about purchasing additional bandwidth. I, myself, have been in a neverending circle of correspondence between their billing support and their product support trying to give them more money to increase my bandwidth limitations, to no avail. The most progress I've seen through this whole ordeal is when I emailed their account cancellation address and told them I want to cancel but I NEED my data first, which I cannot download (either through the browser or rclone) because they have my downloads completely frozen. They did tell me they'd remove the limits so I can download my data, but that still hasn't happened yet and it's been several days since then.

People are getting impatient with you because you're just spouting off the same nonsense as Box's contradictory "policies" they're inventing on a whim to fix the mistakes they made by assuring people they still offered a truly unlimited plan when they clearly don't have the capacity to deal with this massive influx of users. Putting these policies into effect on new accounts is one thing, but freezing people's data because these policies didn't exist before they already uploaded several TBs is absolutely wrong. And again, regardless of what their PR is saying, they aren't doing anything to help people increase those limitations or get their frozen data back. @durval and myself apparently have a more accurate experience of what Box is doing than you do.

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I've asked Box about this and they have no such option to purchase. If they do, somebody forgot to tell literally anybody in their support or sales departments.


I don't believe anything has changed, the limit is still 750GB/day for the main drive.

If you need to upload more, just use the service accounts to upload to a shared drive.

I have, and they deleted almost 5TB of my data ,and now i have a year sub which im not using. Lesson learned

The case is that i've created 2 separate service accounts (on the admin account), once i've used 750 within first service account, i'm not able to use second one as it's just do not starting the upload

Yes, if the two rclone commands both have the same target (the same main google drive), that is how it is supposed to be.

That limit has nothing to do with the number of service accounts.

Did you try to upload to a shared drive with the second service account instead?

Let me describe:

  1. I'm having a Google Workspace with an admin account: example@admin.com, which does have Team Drive where i do upload all the files.

  2. That admin account (example@admin.com) do have one project in console with 2 service accounts.

  3. I've configured them and saved both jsons to be able to use them for rclone copy.

  4. Once i've configured remote(s), i started to use the first service account and hit the limit of 750GB

  5. I've switched the remote/service account (by second json), but upload do not happen

What i'm doing wrong?

Did i understood you correctly, that i should not use Team Drive in this case to make it work?

I think "Team Drives" was old G Suite-terminology, these are no more. With Workspace it is just "shared drives".

Anyway, to me it sounds like what you are describing should work just fine. Does the second service account work, if you start out by using that first?

What error messages do you get, with verbose logging enabled?

Well, i cannot change the sorting which would be used as first and second as the first one already was used and limit was reached.

Within second service account i'm getting this:

2023-09-19 19:58:37 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 2/10 (error googleapi: Error 403: User rate limit exceeded., userRateLimitExceeded)
2023-09-19 19:58:37 DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, increasing sleep to 16.664397838s
2023-09-19 19:58:53 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 2/10 (error googleapi: Error 403: User rate limit exceeded., userRateLimitExceeded)
2023-09-19 19:58:53 DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, increasing sleep to 16.874790067s
2023-09-19 19:59:10 DEBUG : pacer: low level retry 2/10 (error googleapi: Error 403: User rate limit exceeded., userRateLimitExceeded)
2023-09-19 19:59:10 DEBUG : pacer: Rate limited, increasing sleep to 16.824529022s

Which is strange...

P.S Once i've "disabled/commented out" out from rclone config file the "team drive aka shared drive" flag, it started to upload

There is a nice website called archive.org (also known as waybackmachine). If you are right and put in the policies that you claim has silently changed (which is in most countries legally forbidden) then you will be able to spot those changes. If you feel they broke the law, go sue them and let us hear the outcome.
However for the FUP you can go back to 2020 and it is in its core still the same. I have no opinion about box whatsoever nor am I a customer of their services.
Could you clearly tell what terms they changed and what new limitations they put in place?
I don't know what you mean by them holding your data ransom. It's pretty clear to me what they write in their policies hence why I decided to never go with them.

I wonder if any of you ever used the FTP option.

Golden era of cheap unlimited storage with unlimited traffic/bandwidth is over.
Either you pay an adequate price or reduce the data collection.
If you are a legit business you shouldn't have any problems getting proper storage unless your business model is just not viable.
No matter how much or often people gonna complain about box in specific it's unlikely anything will change especially since they had their usage limits mentioned in policies since at least 2020.
The only thing you might refer to is that they haven't enforced them before. However these policies exist for reasons. Overall they are a business and have to protect themselves and their current customers.
I have no clue how much data you have with them but playing Uno reverse card that some people do with 100s of TB honestly expecting unlimited storage for 10-30 bucks a month is just hilarious.

Unlimited / as much as you need storage is still available but not for super low prices.

But if you all are eager to hop to the next solution and wait till it turns out like all before:
Discord free (paid nitro for bigger single files)
Telegram free

I wonder what some of you expect?
Using the cheapest upstream provider, no data replication and you end up at roughly 2€/TB
Having data replication and a good network/CDN is 4-5€+/TB
Obviously businesses want to earn money as well.
But you can easily calculate how much costs your data actually produces.

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I just noticed that Sync changed from 2 user minimum to 3 user minimum. While still $15/user that is a 50% increase in costs to have unlimited.

I've heard some folks mention that Dropbox is still unlimited but you have to request the additional storage when needed. I read an article a couple days ago that said Dropbox has discontinued unlimited. While they may still allow incremental increases in storage for folks, I think there is likely a catch there...I think if you started with 10TB and ask for 1 more TB, they may give it to you, but I suspect they think that will hold you quite awhile and not that you have another 250TB to upload and are going to ask for increases every other week. I suspect they will decline increases if they consider your increase in data to be faster than one might expect in normal business operations.

I know that there are some out there that blame the folks with a lot of data for causing the collapse of unlimited storage, or go "boo hoo, you can't store your PB of data for $15-20/mo." But I'd still put the fault with the cloud companies:

  1. They offered unlimited. Doesn't matter if you use 1 million times the average - they offered you unlimited. It is like going to an all you can eat buffet and they try to cut you off because you are eating more than the average person.

  2. They calculated what an average user may use. Let's say that is capping out at 1TB. They may have a large number of people out there who have 100's of TB, but spread over the whole of all accounts, that may only really increase the average to 2TB or 3TB. There should not be a cut-off on the high users as 3TB per person is still pretty low (lower than the 5TB of Google offer for the price per user).

I've seen that some of these providers like Open-drive, allow for reselling. The resellers are allowed to offer unlimited NAS/Mass media storage on such plans. One limitation being that the person that is a reseller has to have ability to do their own billing and customer service (probably not tech support given the platform is still that of the cloud company). So solution may be that somebody become a reseller for one of the unlimited cloud providers and create plans for the niche market of media and NAS storage - offering it for individuals. So you could even charge $25/mo per se - but folks would only need the 1 seat vs paying $15-35 per seat with 3-5 seat minimums. Could be an untapped business for someone who has the time and means to be a reseller.

Alternatively - get a bunch of folks together (like a Meetup group) and get them all on the single plan together - but I suspect that if the cloud provider freaks when 1-3 person account has 250TB that they might blow a gasket when a 10 life group appears to have 2PB. Paying for extra seats may support 1 person looking like 3, but when you have 10 people appearing as 10 people but using equivalent of 100 people - they may raise a flag still.

I think the reseller angle would work if someone is up to running point.

Aren't you not uploading...to your shared drive then?

I am (tried on both, aka team drive (now shared drive), within "team drive" i'm having same issue. Once i used the day limit, swithicing to second service account, boom, it do not upload unless i create an google workspace account and pass --drive-impersonate to it, then it starting to upload. But that a headache as i need to delete/create....Any way to bypass that? Was trying to pass service account email - no luck.

Not anymore, see:

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I was using uptobox.com and it was a good solution for me, but unfortunately today France closed the server. :sleepy: