UnionFS Improvements

Hi all.

I hope this doesn’t come across as ungrateful, rclone is easily one of the best tools around and I am immensely thankful for it.

In saying that it has been roughly a year since this discussion and I wondered if any progress has been made on it.

I see now there has been more discussion on Github. Mods can close this if need be otherwise maybe some discussion here will be productive.

The issue is not dead, don't worry.
I've been in talks with @ncw about this (around the time I updated the topic), and last I heard from Nick the plan is to take a serious look at it after 1.50 releases (which should be happening quite soon I think).

So with just a little more patience (and a lot of appreciation Nick's way for being such an awesome guy) I think this will work out :wink:

But as always, no hard promises or deadlines...

Aaaand there we go hehe, 1.50 came out 4hrs ago it seems:

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