Union search_policy to local read only

rclone v1.55.1
ubuntu 20.04 lts server
google cloud storage

type = union
upstreams = /path/local remote:bucket
action_policy = all
create_policy = all
search_policy = ff

rclone mount union: union_test

the docs say:
ff (first found) Search category: same as epff. Action category: same as epff. Create category: Act on the first one found by the time upstreams reply.

All the data is read and write using a mount of a union (local and remote). All the data is on local and remote. BUT there is data being download by remote like we can see on the google chart bellow. Lot of download operations.

Is there a way to make sure the read operations being only on the local upstream??

Looking the -vv log of the union mount I can't see the date is being retrieval from local or remote. Is there a way to log it?


This is probably because rclone searches the upstreams in parallel and returns the first one which returns data. I guess it is possible that sometimes the remote one wins - seems unlikely, but maybe if your computer is busy they both complete at approx the same time.

The other thing that could cause this is is your local and remote are out of sync - can you check that?

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already found the problem of lot of downloads and is like you sad. No local data anymore. thanks a lot.

But would be very nice if we could debug from where is being downloaded from -vv mount log.

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There is an issue about this already I think...

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