Unencrypt a Crypt storage on GDrive?

Hello, I have a crypt running on Gdrive, is it possible to unencrypt and save them as normal files without downloading the files first? Could be nice if someone could help.

It should be a matter of using rclone copy cryptedremote:path/to/file /path/to/dir - rclone will download and decrypt on the fly leaving you decrypted files in /path/to/dir

Just to be sure, this will use my gdrive quota right?

Yes, you have to "download" them so rclone can process them to decrypt them. The encryption is rclone doing it so it has to process the file.

Daily Download is 10TB per day.

I'm guessing I will use the upload quota on 750gb too?

Are you downloading them locally or uploading them ? I'm not sure what you are doing.

If you are downloading them unencrypted, locally, no.

If you are trying to decrypt the files and store them on the remote, yes, it would be uploading them.

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