Understanding Cache backend and VFS

I'm quite new to rclone but it's been amazing so far! I'm using Google Drive with the cache backend, mounted on Windows, 16M chunk, 1 worker - it's been good but quite slow to open up files. I mainly use it for music files (8-36MB) or video (500MB or 45GB+). I use cache so I have instant access to files that I'm often using and because it stores chunks when I only open part of a file.

I was wondering how VFS cache works when combined with the cache backend. My idea is to have the cache chunk size set to something very small 1M (and only one worker thread), but a larger VFS read chunk size 16M-256MB, with the goal of: Google Drive >> VFS cache >> Cache >> Player.

This is with the understanding that cache can only deliver fully downloaded chunks but VFS can deliver partially downloaded chunks. So VFS starts downloading from Google, as soon as 1M is downloaded, cache will store that and deliver that to the player whilst VFS continues to download the rest of the chunk. This would avoid the download idling when requesting each 1M chunk.

Is that how it works or have I made some wrong assumptions? Any input would be amazing!

Edit: I've been searching for days for some answers but couldn't find anything specific that could help

hello and welcome to the forum.

have your read this, really there is no need for the cache backend.

and when i stream video, i do not use vfs.

perhaps try something simple.
rclone gdrive: x:
rclone serve dlna gdrive:

I want to use cache to store files or parts of files when accessing the large files on my hard drive, something I understand VFS cannot do. And dlna serve is very hit or miss on my TV so I don't use it

sure, i understand.
just trying to give you options

perhaps check this out.
the cache backend is to be merged with the vfs and you can try out the beta

I did see the post for the beta, but I didn't think it would be helpful. Is the beta able to store partial files on my local drive via VFS?

you will have to read it

  • --vfs-cache-mode full which will only download the parts of the file you need
  • I envision this will become the preferred way of using the vfs cache

I've just had a good experiment with the new beta but it starts downloading the entire file in 4 streams after a certain point. Whilst it downloads, the media stops so it doesn't help this case. Nice idea though

you have not posted the commands you are using to access gdrive?
which media player are you using?

To mount with the latest beta (v1.52.1-082-g017d7a53-vfs-beta), this is the command I used

rclone mount GoogleDrive: U: --vfs-cache-mode full --vfs-cache-max-age 240h --cache-dir "G:\cache" -vv --vfs-read-chunk-size 16M

which media player are you using?
how does your tv connect to the u: drive?

Using Media Player Classic on my PC, wired.

The dlna server on rclone shows up as empty on my TV, which is also wired. Had a quick search and it looks like a common problem. Haven't had a real look at it yet though, I want to sort out the cache - vfs cache first

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