Unable to view "shared with me" folders on service accounts given access via group

This is on Google Drive and I have tested with the latest beta and stable builds.

I have added a google group account with multiple service account members to shared folders and team drives. The service accounts are able to view all of the team drives as expected, but when you viewing the "shared with me" folders they see absolutely nothing. When I add a service account to a share from my drive individually, it is then able to see it. But it doesn't seem to inherit the "shared with me" folders when the entire SA group is added. Is this expected behavior, do groups not inherit the "shared with me" folders?

Which beta did you try?

It is possible this commit helps which I merged 3 days ago...

commit 5be968c0cacb0fa13b338ec2208d6c2f2f583540
Author: Nick Craig-Wood <nick@craig-wood.com>
Date:   Tue Jul 30 18:49:06 2019 +0100

    drive: update API for teamdrive use - fixes #3348

I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that. What exactly are "google group accounts"? This might be a bug at google I suppose - worth checking the bugtracker: https://issuetracker.google.com

I tried with beta v1.48.0-114-gd51a9709-beta
The Google groups I am referring to are available in Google Admin console under Directory -> Groups
I'll try to be more clear on use case and situation.

  • user1@domain.com has a folder on their personal drive and is the owner of a shared drive.
  • Admin of domain.com has created a group called group@domain.com and included 10 service accounts (serviceaccount1-10) in it
  • user1@domain.com shares the folder on their personal drive with group@domain.com
  • user1@domain.com shares the shared drive with group@domain.com
  • none of the service accounts list and directories with --drive-shared-with-me
  • all of the service accounts view the shared drive
  • user1@domain.com shares the shared folder with serviceaccount1
  • serviceaccount1 can now see the shared folder when using --drive-shared-with-me, but only serviceaccount1

So you see, groups seem to view shared drives fine when shared with them but not shared folders.
Here is some additional interesting behavior, though. All the above is still in effect.

  • Admin adds user2@domain.com to group@domain.com, now with 11 members (service accounts and 1 user)
  • user2@domain.com looks under "shared with me" in either rclone or webui, nothing appears there.
  • user1@domain.com sends the folder ID for the folder that was shared
  • user2@domain.com can access the shared folder via direct link or configuring an rclone mount with root_folder_id

Anyway this may not be a big, and the workaround is to make a remote for it or use --drive-root-folder-id, but it is strange.

Sorry for the bad formatting... the site would only let me post 2 "links", and counted any domain.com as a link.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I think this must be some strangeness in the google service account implementation - I don't think anything rclone is doing could affect this (but I could be wrong!).

OK, well at least there is a work-around!

In general I'm not that happy with the --drive-shared-with-me flag, but I haven't found a better alternative yet!

You can put stuff in backquotes this is not a link google.com.

I'll edit your post to put the dots back in!

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