Unable to Sync Subfolders

Sorry if I missed this somewhere. I’m trying to sync from a Windows10 64-bit machine to Amazon Cloud.

My config works, and I can see folders and files when I use ls and lsd for both local folders, and my Amazon folders.

The command I am running is C:\rclone sync H:\Photos Amazon:Photos -v

This is the error

2017/05/01 12:04:02 INFO : amazon drive root ‘Photos’: Modify window not supported
2017/05/01 12:04:24 INFO : amazon drive root ‘Photos’: Waiting for checks to finish
2017/05/01 12:04:24 INFO : amazon drive root ‘Photos’: Waiting for transfers to finish
2017/05/01 12:04:24 INFO : Waiting for deletions to finish
2017/05/01 12:04:24 INFO :
Transferred: 0 Bytes (0 Bytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 22262
Transferred: 0
Elapsed time: 23s

I’m guessing it is because within the Photos folder, are subfolders, and subfolders within those. I can’t seem to find the command to make it be inclusive.


That seems like it had ~22k files on the your Photos drive and they are all there since they are all “checks”.

I’m guessing you think there are more to be sent over?

I uploaded them all manually initially, and I updated a couple folders after I did that. So I know there are a couple folders that have updated contents.

If you add in a path to a folder you know that should have new files, you can run with a -vv output for debug to see why it isn’t syncing up.

so something like:

rclone sync H:\Photos\TestFolder Amazon:Photos:TestFolder -vv

That should tell you why the folder isn’t syncing up rather than seeing 22k checks all passing.

Thanks for the help. It appears I did actually have it all updated, and Amazon just didn’t show all of the correct data initially. Now the numbers are all matching up between both.