Unable to sign up for legitimate gsuite

Sorry, we can’t complete your signup

Google works hard to keep spammers from using G Suite. As part of this effort, we refuse to create domains that we believe will be used for spam. Unfortunately, we may sometimes refuse legitimate signups. If you’ve been stopped in error, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Google weighs several factors when evaluating registration attempts, including the number of domains that have been created from that location and whether the domains have just been created or have a good reputation on the internet. Users trying to create a lot of domains, who are using shared computers or computers infected with malware; or signing up for low reputation domains may hit this limit.

Please review the Google Security Checklist to ensure your computer is free of viruses.

I tried many times but always ended up with this. I have no idea what I did wrong How did you guys sign up?

My domain is on google domains and I had no issue signing up for it last night. There was an option in the google domain to add gmail to it but it was only the 5 dollar option. To upgrade to the business you have to transfer it to gsuites and then enter your payment info there but it all worked for me.

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It looks that only domains ending in ‘.com’, ‘.net’ etc can be used to sign up. My previous failures were due to that I had a domain in ‘.club’ which was considered by google as more spam prone. Currently 1 &1 has ‘.com’ domains for one dollar if you want to take advantage of that.

And the renewal? How much is that?

I have registered on Friday with .club
I was lucky

Thats not true. I signed up with a .me

As always, renews are seldom discounted :frowning:

Yeah there are a lot of “good” top domains, just don’t know which one are included.