Unable to login

Hi guys! I am using your website gdtot from long time and storing many files to get links for my large group, but I am unable to login, it says rate_limit_exceeded for this app. Please help because I use your service for large group & channel, due to this my subscribers are unable to download files.

Gdtot is nothing to do with rclone.

As far as I can see the gdtot site is using rclone's credentials illegally.

These won't start working again. So I suggest you contact the site owner and tell them to get their own credentials.

You said to contact at this website & not direct message at telegram.

please solve it here i getting same issue

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Don't shoot the messenger, please :wink:

Who told you that? I don't use telegram so it can't have been me.

You need to contact gtdot site owners about this.

Think it's safe to close this topic out.

I always find it amazing how easily people will type in there credentials in any website out there...