Unable to login Mega

Mega account works and I'am able to login on web
but I cant mount or list any files

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I cant login mega account ( Free account)

What is your rclone version (output from rclone version)

rclone: Version "v1.54.0"

Which OS you are using and how many bits (eg Windows 7, 64 bit)

Debian 10 - Debian 4.19.171-2

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)


The command you were trying to run (eg rclone copy /tmp remote:tmp)

rclone -vv mount mega: /home/user/mega

The rclone config contents with secrets removed.

type = mega
user =
pass =

A log from the command with the -vv flag

2021/03/07 01:37:47 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.54.0" starting with parameters ["rclone" "-vv" "mount" "mega:" "/home/user/mega"]
2021/03/07 01:37:47 DEBUG : Creating backend with remote "mega:"
2021/03/07 01:37:47 DEBUG : Using config file from "/home/user/.config/rclone/rclone.conf"
2021/03/07 01:37:48 Failed to create file system for "mega:": couldn't login: Object (typically, node or user) not found

did you obscure the password?

perhaps this can help
Mega - Error couldn't login

It's my fault. Wrong password :frowning:

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