Unable to config drive mount

I've been using google mount for log time with no problem, but now i'm trying to configure a new VPN, but when i try to authorize google pasting the link in the browser i have this message:
Access blocked: rclone famateam’s request is invalid

What could it be?
What can i try to do?

Use the help and support template.

Use the help and support template.

Sorry, it was my fault.
I used rclone in the ubuntu apt-get repository that is an old version.
I installed latest version an now all is ok.
Sorry for my mastake.

That would have been obvious by using the template as we ask for the version and that's exactly why we have the template.

For my own morbid curiosity, why didn't you use it? What stopped you?

Sorry, i don't understand your request.
Do you ask why i used version in the repository?
If yes, because it was much faster typing "apt-get install rclone" instead of looking for the link, wget it on my vps and type dpkg -i ....

I asked why you deleted the help and support template and didn't use it.

Bad wording? Something else?

Oppss, i deleted because i thought it was a template for bugs.
My fault.
Now i know and for the future i'll compile it.

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