Ubuntu CRONJOB ->Log.TXT

I am running with this Ubuntu CRONJOB
0 * * * * / usr / bin / flock -n /tmp/rclone.lockfile rclone copy -P W: Backup S: Backup --checksum --fast-list --checkers 10 --transfers 8
It works really well.
I'm missing some output
Is it possible to get it "add" the result in a txt file when done
maybe so I have:
W: bucket / Date.txt
W: bucket / Date2.txt
Output= billede

not sure what you are asking, what output?

perhaps use a rclone log file.

I have updated my question

use a log file.
--log-level=NOTICE --log-file=log.txt


Hi I am using this command:
rclone copy -P Was:test Sca:test --checksum --fast-list --checkers 10 --transfers 8 --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=c:\rclone\123.txt
And it works fine
But when I try to put it in a bucket it does not work
rclone copy -P Was:test Sca:test --checksum --fast-list --checkers 10 --transfers 8 --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=Was:log\123.txt

have in an idea why?

needs to be a local file.

simple and reliable solution:

  • write a simple script to copy it after rclone copy as finished.

overly complex solution and really not a good idea:

  • rclone mount Was: x: and for the rclone copy command use --log-file=x:\log\123.txt

Thanks for helping
I use this solution
rclone copy -P W:onlinebackup S:onlinebackup --checksum --fast-list --checkers 10 --transfers 8 --log-level=INFO --log-file=./log/$(date +%m)/$(date +%d_%H.%M).txt
And then
rclone move ./log/ W:2021-log/

look good, perhaps

W:`date +%Y`-log/

instead of


i would like if i could just get this output
it can be done
Now i have:

You can try with --stats-log-level=NOTICE instead of --log-level=INFO, as described here.

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