Two way sync without any deletions

I’m looking to do a two-way sync between my NAS and Amazon drive. This is primarily to upload photos on the NAS into the cloud, but I also want to pull photos down to the NAS where they’ve been uploaded directly via the Prime Photos app.

However, I absolutely do not want files deleted by the sync ever, so I’m presuming that the best way to do this would be to run:

rclone copy \local\sourcefolder remote:destfolder

and then straight after run

rclone copy remote:destfolder \local\sourcefolder 

which should largely be a no-op, bar any files that were uploaded directly to the cloud without going near the NAS.

Is there a better way or is that the best solution? It looks to me from the sync command that it’s not possible to run without any deletions at all, but that full two-way sync isn’t implemented (yet?).

copy = sync without deletions. They are the same code just without the deletions step for copy.

You are right, there isn’t a two way sync, so what you propose is probably the best you can do at the moment.

You’ll have trouble ever deleting a file unless you delete it in both places simultaneously, but it sounds like that is what you want.

Yep, if I want to delete, I’ll need to do it in both places between the rclone jobs running, but hey - unlimited storage is the new black, right? So nobody needs to delete anything ever again. :wink: