Two-way sync with OneDrive


I want to set up two-way sync between OneDrive cloud and local directory. rclone is installed and I can mount, and see, my Cloud files through command line and rclone GUI (Debian, KDE desktop).

After a lot of searching I don't find comfort with this, from help on command line:

"rclone --help | grep sync
Rclone syncs files to and from cloud storage providers as well as
sync Make source and dest identical, modifying destination only.
My searches seem to indicate files that only exists locally will not be synced to the cloud, and will be deleted locally.

If I understand the above correctly, it defeats totally what I want to do. I want the equivalent of a Windows / Mac setup where I can work on my local HDD (offline or on), edit, add, delete files, and when I'm back online (or run rclone cron job, say once per hour), all changes get mirrored in the OneDrive cloud. Similarly, any changes made on different devices to files that end up in the Cloud should be mirrored to my local drive.

Is this possible? I don't want to lose data because I don't understand what I'm doing


Currently rclone does not support two-way sync. There are open issues for this at Github.

You could have a look at rclonesync-V2 and see if that will help.

Destination is updated to match source, including deleting files if necessary.


So a local file will be copied to destination.

What should work, work on your files and sync them to the cloud (destination).
Move to client computer and now sync the other way, cloud as source and computer as destination.

But be warned this will only cover the easiest use case and not tested or used in any way by me.

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