Two rclone processes upon mount - normal?

In the Activity Monitor on OSX High Sierra, I have noticed that sometimes when I run rclone mount:

  1. Initially just one rclone process starts
  2. After some time, a 2nd rclone process appears
  3. After some more time, the mount is made (icon appears on desktop)
  4. After even more time, the 2nd rclone process quits/disappears.

When I noticed this it was at a time that rclone was taking a long time to mount - I think related to having about 200GB of files in the cache-tmp-upload-path.

So 2 questions:

Q1) Is it normal for rclone to take longer to mount if there are a lot of files in the cache-tmp-upload-path?

Q2) Is it normal for rclone to temporarily startup a 2nd process during mount?


Iā€™m not sure about that one

It sounds like you are running with --daemon so yes I would expect to see a second process (the daemonised mount) and the first process disappear (the original rclone command). Is that what you are seeing?

Yes it is what I am seeing, thx!

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